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Hello 2021 ! and Happy New Year to everyone! we all wish you Health and Happiness! Let's start this new year with the origin of "la galette des Rois" that some of you will taste soon!

All games have been changed in the "Matière grise" section where the new "Mots fléchés" and a "Mots croisés" are available with PDF Viewer (easier to Zoom).

On Juke Box,  discover Gregoire  with "Je te souhaite une Bonne Année"

CinéPhilm plays  "Françoise Dolto, Le désir de vivre" 

La table d'Epicure présents a receipe of the Famous Pain perdu.

Zoom café  will be held at 4.30 every Thursdays, animated by Ghassane &/or  Patience That we thank for their involvement. Check on the programm on the link at the bottom of the Home page.

Marque page  will hold its first 2021 Zoom meeting speaking about  "L'étranger" written by Albert Camus on January 27th. find the link for the PDF and Zoom on the home page section or on the "Marque page" section.

The French Classes will start This month for the Winter session, all informations are on the French Classes page.

AFF Library is still growing !!! Thanks to the members who kindly gave many books we are close to 400 books now, you can find the complete list on  " l'Opuscule" Page.

Two New Headings are born !

"Carnets de vol de Natacha" a Belgian cartoon heroin. She will lead you toward Francophones country all around the world and it's naturally that we have to start with Belgium regarding her Native country!

KéZako will also makes you discover antique unusual objects and you can try to guess what they were used for.

A board meeting will be held on january 9th and the report of the general Assembly has been published on the governance tab.


-Because of the New lock down ZOOM Café is back on ZOOM, check the web page for dates and links!

May 2021 be full of joy , Hapiness and healthy  ! Stay safe !

A king cake (sometimes referred to as kingcake, kings' cake, king's cake, three kings' cake, or Twelfth Night cake... La galette des Rois in French!) is a type of cake associated in a number of countries with the festival of Epiphany at the end of the Christmas season; in other places, it is associated with the pre-Lenten celebrations of Mardi Gras/Carnival.

What started out roughly 300 years ago as a dry French bread–type dough with sugar on top and a bean inside now comes in many varieties depending on the country. Some king cakes are made of a sweet brioche dough in the shape of a hollow circle with a glazed topping sprinkled with colored sugar. Hundreds of thousands of king cakes are eaten in New Orleans during the Carnival season. In other countries and especially in France, "Les galettes" are made with a puff pastry, filled with one of several fillings (e.g., almond, apple, chocolate/pear, etc.), and have a small figurine, called a fève, hidden inside. The figurine changes from bakery to bakery and can have a variety of themes. The person who gets the piece of cake with the fève has various privileges and obligations.

Carnet de Vol de Natacha
         La Belgique

Ciné     m


We are in the aftermath of World War II. Claude, 10 years old and the son of communist French Resistance fighters, has lost his mother who died at Auschwitz. Ben, 14, is the son of a prostitute and a small-time Jewish hoodlum. With the help of Françoise Dolto, the two young boys confront the demons that haunt them. They meet through her, become friends, share an outstanding adventure together and then separate to live opposing lives. We follow these two cases, along with the treatment of other children with severe problems and the daily work of an outstanding doctor who invented a discipline: psychoanalysis for children..


Serge Lepéron


Josiane Balasko, Florence Pernel

pizap (18).jpg
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Lecture : La Côte d'Ivoire

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The title character of The Stranger is Meursault, a Frenchman who lives in Algiers (a pied-noir). The novel is famous for its first lines: “Mother died today. Or maybe it was yesterday, I don’t know.” They capture Meursault’s anomie briefly and brilliantly. After this introduction, the reader follows Meursault through the novel’s first-person narration to Marengo, where he sits vigil at the place of his mother’s death. Despite the expressions of grief around him during his mother’s funeral, Meursault does not show any outward signs of distress. This removed nature continues throughout all of Meursault’s relationships, both platonic and romantic.

Raymond, an unsavoury friend, is eventually arrested for assaulting his mistress and asks Meursault to vouch for him to the police. Meursault agrees without emotion. Raymond soon encounters a group of men, including the brother of his mistress. The brother, referred to as “the Arab,” slashes Raymond with a knife after Raymond strikes the man repeatedly. Meursault happens upon the altercation and shoots the brother dead, not out of revenge but, he says, because of the disorienting heat and vexing brightness of the sun, which blinds him as it reflects off the brother’s knife. This murder is what separates the two parts of the story.

The novel’s second part begins with Meursault’s pretrial questioning, which primarily focuses on the accused’s callousness toward his mother’s funeral and his murder of “the Arab.” His lack of remorse, combined with his lack of sadness expressed toward his mother, works against him and earns him the nickname “Monsieur Antichrist” from the examining magistrate. During the trial itself, Meursault’s character witnesses do more harm than good, because they highlight Meursault’s apparent apathy and disengagement. Eventually, Meursault is found guilty of murder with malice aforethought and is sentenced to death by guillotine. As he waits for his impending death, he obsesses over the possibility of his appeal being accepted. A chaplain visits Meursault against his wishes, only to be greeted by Meursault’s intense atheistic and nihilistic views. In a cathartic explosion of rage, Meursault brings the chaplain to tears. This, however, brings Meursault peace and helps him to accept his death with open arms.


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Description de l'antiquité :

"Précieuse Châtelaine De Brodeuse, Pomponne Bien Doré, XVIIIe Siècle"

Superbe objet de couture, on n'en trouve pas souvent.... suspendu à une châtelaine de ceinture, ce porte-bobines de brodeuse de luxe, pouvait porter 4 ou 5 petites bobines de couleur sur l'axe de 7cm, permettant aux dames de la Cour d'être plus mobiles, pour mieux écouter les conversations de part et d'autre, tout en ayant l'air absorbée par son ouvrage de dame....
Très bel objet, la monture pomponne (ou or de Mannheim) a gardé sa dorure éclatante, et l'objet est en bon état.
Dimensions: Haut: 17cm x 11cm.

Epoque : 18ème siècle
Style : Louis XV - Transition


L'Alliance française is Happy to announce that the list of books available is now complete and ready on "L'Opuscule" page.

We deeply Thank our Donators for all the French books kindly offered. Further information will be coming soon.


La Galette des Rois

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